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Chef Rocco Paradiso

Chef Rocco Paradiso

When I was asked back in 2015 to be the Host of the ACF National Convention, I was floored.

For the Chef in me, this was a Great Opportunity, always looking for the Opportunity to Succeed in Everything I do. For the Speaker in me, it was the perfect Forum to show my Presentation Skills & Hone My Craft. For the Mentor in me, it meant Inspire & Attract New Members & have them leave as excited about this great Association as I was & still am. However for the Member of the ACF since "1998" it means so much more. As a Chef, Speaker & Mentor it means so much to ME..... As a Member it is a matter of "WE". In 2018 the ACF had adopted a Mantra called "Be The Change", and never has that rang so true than right now. You see, whether it's moderating the Knowledge Bowl or calling out Chef Educator of The Year, WE all Celebrate each other's Success; making them that much more memorable. It makes me realize that it's not about ME up there... It's about "US" Celebrating each other's Success & picking each other up when this just want our day.

When asked what the American Culinary Federation is; largest professional chefs organization in North America. We are made up of more than 15,500 members who belong to over 170 chapters in 4 Regions across the US. ACF is the culinary leader in offering educational resources, training, apprenticeship and programmatic accreditation designed to enhance professional growth for all in the Culinary Industry. The ACF has been a catapult for my career in so many ways, from competing, to certification, to opportunities within this industry that would not have been otherwise afforded to me.

Since joining Carla's Pasta in "2017" that same Passion & Pride in everything that they do is contagious & amazing. The level of Altruism & continued success for those around us is the very same ethos as the ACF; that is something that I want to be a part of Completely & Fully!

Whether you are an Accomplished, Award-Winning Chef, or an Aspiring Line Cook, waiting for your opportunity. The time is NOW for you to Be The Change, be a disruptor for the positive & make a significant impact on this profession & beyond. I am a Very Spiritual Individual & truly believe in things happening for a reason, I am very Blessed that Carla's Pasta has been put on my path with so many passionate & talented individuals that have the same Vision as our Executive Team. A Journey will always be a Journey, but when you are surrounded by people that have same Passion & Drive as you do that Journey becomes so much bigger & important to everyone. I for one am very excited about this journey with Carla's Pasta & The ACF, because together we can do some great things. We will celebrate each other's accomplishments & offer guidance when we have "learning's". Together we will Be The Change & together we will learn that if you're going to walk on ice, you might as well Dance!