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Carla's Pasta


Meat Cannelloni

Meat Cannelloni

Box Dimensions: 11.88" x 10.69" x 6.44"
Cubic Feet: 0.47
Pallet Configuration: 12 block x 9 high
Net Weight: 10.13 lb
Gross Weight: 11.13 lb
UPC: 00021605011604

Egg pasta tube filled with Beef, Pork, Veal, Ricotta, Imported Romano, Parmesan and Swiss Cheeses, Spinach, Carrots, White Wine and Spices.

Piece Size: approx 5.25" in length
Piece Weight: approx 2.70 oz
Pieces per lb: approx 6
Pieces per case: 60

Pasta Ingredients: Extra Fancy Durum Flour, Water and Eggs.
Filling: Cooked Beef, Cooked Veal, Ricotta Cheese, Spinach, Canola Oil, Cooked Pork, Water, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Salt, Onions, Carrots, White Wine, Modified Food Starch, Garlic Powder, Romano Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Onion Powder and Spices.

Frozen (0 degrees F or less), 18 months from date of manufacture